Postpartum Planning

elisita photography (13)Congratulations! You’re having a baby!

Now what?

Having a baby is similar to a wedding in a way that ALL the focus is on the big day, but many do not take the time to envision life after the wedding. Life as a married couple; the ins and outs. Similar to this, many people take prenatal classes, or talk to friends to discuss their upcoming birth and the delivery of their baby. But what about once the baby is here? What about breastfeeding? What about visitors? How will we sleep? Who will walk the dog?

It is important to have a solid postpartum plan. One that is unique to your family and caters to your personalities. Something that goes through many of the things families will encounter in the first few weeks, and a few things you haven’t thought of yet.

During this 3 hour meeting, we will discuss:

  • Home and nursery layout
  • Safe sleep
  • Diapering and bathing
  • How to get sleep
  • Who will do the house chores
  • What the first 6 weeks might look like
  • Create a plan for when the partner goes back to work
  • How to plan visitors and create boundaries
  • Basic breastfeeding tips
  • Social Media boundaries
  • and more…

The best thing about a personalized postpartum plan, is that it is completely customized to you and your situation. Whether you have 2 parents at home, or don’t have a partner; if you have family in town, or live far away from family, we can make a plan for your unique life.

This 3 hour meeting is $150 and will come with worksheets, discussions, resources, and text support for 3 weeks after you have your baby.

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