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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you are looking for prenatal information, a birth doula, or lactation help, I’d love to join you on your journey to parenthood.

Prenatal classes can help you learn about ways to enjoy, cope, and have a positive labour experience. We can talk about birth plans, your options for our local hospital or your home birth, and answer all of your questions. Postpartum plans helps you envision life with a baby, gets both partners talking about their hopes and dreams for baby, and gives tangible tips for life as parents.

Doulas are for every pregnant person. Even people who have a great supportive partner can benefit with the support of a doula. Whether your care provider is a doctor or a midwife, a doula will complement your birthing team.

If you have any questions about me, my services, or anything else, please contact me.

“I don’t care what kind of birth you have…a homebirth, scheduled cesarean, an epidural hospital birth or if you give birth alone in the woods next to a baby deer. I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices and that you were respected.” – January Harshe, Birth Without Fear

My family works, lives, and plays on the traditional lands of the lək̓ʷəŋən People, and I acknowledge and respect the lands that I am on, and the lands that my children grow up on.

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