What is a Doula?

As a doula, this is how I see my role:

A doula is a non-clinical care provider, who attends the birth of your baby to support the birthing person and the partner. They are there to provide suggestions for positions to use in labour, to remind you to pee, to help relax you and remind you to breathe deeply, to help provide massage, counter pressure, or other pain management techniques, to make the partner look good, or to provide a break for the partner, to remind the partner to hold your hand, to tell you that you are doing a great job, to replenish water and other drinks, to remind the partner to eat and drink, to ensure that you are not left alone in labour if the partner has to go to the bathroom or pay for parking, to let the family know what is happening if they are waiting, to take photos if you wish, to be your guide, your coach, and your friend.

Of course, my role changes with each family, and with each birth.

But why do YOU need a doula?

How I work with the partner or other family members present

As a birth doula, I:

  • Support any birth preferences that the birthing person has
  • Support the partner in being the best support person they want to be
  • Strive to assist the family in having a positive birth experience, which includes healthy baby/birthing person, and healthy mental health
  • Work with the rest of your birth team to facilitate a positive experience
  • Bring experience with me of attending over 200 births
  • Believe in “Your Body, Your Choice”
  • Will hold open the lines of communication with your care provider to ensure you have informed decision making
  • And more.

A doula is different from a doctor or midwife, as they DO NOT perform any medical tasks. If you hire a doula, you will also need to be in the care of a doctor or midwife.

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