Research Supporting Doulas
Evidence for doulas
A randomized controlled trial of continuous labor support for middle-class couples: effect on cesarean delivery rates.

Prenatal Classes
Mothering Touch
VIDA Doulas
Camosun College

Elements of Health Centre – Acupuncture and massage
Celina Lyons – Acupuncture for Pregnancy
Jill Moran – Acupuncture in the West Shore
Island Family Chiropractic Care – Dr. Misty Watson specializes in pregnancy
Frackson Health Care – Chiropractic care for pregnancy and newborns
Amie McColl, RMT – Amie only treats pregnancy and postpartum clients

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Dr. Laura Werner
Dr. Jodi Ganton
Pippa Tucker

Breastfeeding Solutions – Group/Private Breastfeeding support
Katie McNiven – Midwife and Lactation Consultant
Your public Health Unit – Find your Health Unit’s contact info here

Placenta Encapsulation
Oak and Acorn – Corinne Bargen provides placenta encapsulation in the Greater Victoria area

Tasha Cline Photography Gorgeous photos – engagement, maternity, newborn
Painted Barn Photography Wonderful local photographer – maternity, newborn

BC Health Info
The Best Chance – BC Government’s website about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, breastfeeding and more
Safe Sleep For your baby – BC Government sleep resource for families

Access Midwifery -Adrienne Carruthers, Chloe M. Dayman, Lorna McRae, Heather Nelson, Misty Wasyluk, Heather Wood
Arbutus Midwives – Laura Mercer, Lyanne Quirt, Beth Smit
Birth Partnership – Jane Baker
Cook Street Community Midwives – Amy Brownhill, Ashley Kruse, Colleen Rode, Brandi Wasyluk
Dandelion Midwifery – Michelle Buchmann, Joanna
The Midwives Collective – Jody Medernach, Jill Pearman, Ilana Stanger-Ross, Andrea Dykstra, Sarah Atkinson
Roundhouse Midwives – Astrid Fritzsche, Lauren MacHattie, Natalie Hicken, Emma Jo Knapp, Mary Jo Harris
Sooke Midwifery – Uta Herold
Midwives In Victoria – A website for all Victoria Midwives, including the waitlist