Vanessa Rose – July 2011

VBACs are pretty rare in Victoria, and unmedicated VBACs are even more rare. This birth was a special thing to witness. Mom had such amazing strength and dad supported and helped keep mom stable the whole time. A quick labour and intense pushing and little Vanessa was here and ready to cuddle and coo and make us all melt. I’m sure that big sister will be in awe of how great you are. Remember to keep your pinky finger out at the tea parties!

One thought on “Vanessa Rose – July 2011

  1. My Sister-in-law is wanting to do a VBAC and not many doctors are supporting her decision 😦 Her c-section wasn’t “ideal” and had some wicked tearing or scarring issues, etc and so they all said “no, I won’t support it.” She’s since gotten a midwife (despite the 30-45 minute drive for her to have one) and I’m hoping that her VBAC goes as amazing as this one did! And medication free! Wow, momma! She’s perfect 🙂 Good job!
    Gives me more hope that my SIL can do this, too! ❤

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