Luisa Isabella – June 2012

ImageI had the privilege of attending the birth of Luisa Isabella to two amazing laid-back parents, and one smart big brother! It was my second birth in 3 days, so I was really excited to see how everything was going to unfold going off the high I had from the previous birth. Mom was a rock star during the contractions, and I loved the way that dad knew how to support her in every way. They were an extremely efficient team. Luisa is a lucky little girl! Congratulations M & J!

Also, how cute is this picture!?!?

Noah David – June 2012


I love when couples become parents for the first time! Everything is new, the tiny toes, the sweet faces babies make, and the things said to the new baby. This is the case when little Noah came into this world. Noah was born surrounded by friends and family. I’m sure that he will be loved his whole life!

Thomas Gordon – March 2012

Oh my goodness what a cutie! Another successful VBAC that I am so proud to be a part of. Mom was able to breathe and cope so well with her contractions. She is a superstar!! Dad was there for her the whole way through and was such a great coach. I can’t believe the control and strength mom had during pushing! I am so proud of this couple, and thank you for allowing me to be there to support you and welcome this little guy into this world. Congratulations new parents!! He’s such a sweetie.

Clara Jane – February 2012

ImageI had the privilege of attending the birth for two of the most laid back, relaxed parents-to-be. Even though mom was doing all she could to have her precious little girl arrive, little Clara was determined to arrive on her own date, in her own way. The love and care that these two parents have for their little girl is amazing, and it’s not hard to see that she will be especially loved.  Thank you for being my first clients in 2012! Congratulations to you on your first baby!

Penelope Jean – August 2011

What a fun birth to be born at! Little Penny was born a little early, but as soon as she was head down, she was eager to meet the world. This couple had waited a long time for her to arrive and she is finally here to complete their family. With dad’s hilarious commentary and mom’s focus and determination, Penny was born into a lot of love. Having a baby was goal number one, having a vbac was goal number 2, and I’m happy to say that we accomplished both of those goals. Thank you for allowing me to be there to help you through this and thank you for keeping me entertained. You have a new beautiful daughter!!

Gemma Rose – August 2011

When little baby Gemma decided she was ready to greet the world, she moved quickly. She was born to two wonderful parents who worked together so beautifully during labour. Dad knew exactly what to do to keep mom grounded and calm and worked with her the whole time. Mom was so strong and committed during the birthing process that we were all so amazed at how she found the focus. Sometimes our body knows that we can do something that we are unsure of, and goes with it. I am so thankful to have been able to support such an amazing couple in bringing their daughter into this world, and to have seen the strength that I did. You are an amazing woman, and you are so strong!

Vanessa Rose – July 2011

VBACs are pretty rare in Victoria, and unmedicated VBACs are even more rare. This birth was a special thing to witness. Mom had such amazing strength and dad supported and helped keep mom stable the whole time. A quick labour and intense pushing and little Vanessa was here and ready to cuddle and coo and make us all melt. I’m sure that big sister will be in awe of how great you are. Remember to keep your pinky finger out at the tea parties!

Ellyssa Belle – June 2011

Waiting until she was the exact same birth size as her older brother and sister, Ellyssa Belle came into this world with a very determined mother. A slight scare would not deter her from her birth plan, and luckily she was successfully able to deliver this little angel into this world without a cesarean. Thank you for letting me be with you as Ellyssa was born.  Congratulations to this growing family, hopefully baby number 4 knows how to sleep for you!

Harley Bruce – May 2011

Ever wanted to be fashionably late for something? Take note from little Harley, born 19 days overdue! He was much too comfortable in his litte hot tub and refused to come out until he was ready. New mom and new dad welcomed him with open arms and are overjoyed with his arrival, finally! Amazing strength, a lot of patience, and unyielding support brought this little guy into this world. I can’t wait to hear what the dog and the cats think of this new little being. Thank you for allowing me to share this great experience with you, and so many congratulations to the new family.

Laila Grace – April 2011

Making an appearance a few days early is the beautiful Laila Grace. She had a fast and speedy entry into the world, and she was very eager to take everything in and greet everyone. Strong, intense contractions were managed like a pro by a very strong mother and extremely supportive father. She was excitedly greeted by her older brother who showed her his toy bus and baseball. Great job and many congratulations to the family that has grown by one exquisite little girl! Thank you for allowing me to be there to support you and relish in the amazingness of your little angel.